After living in Paris for many years, I decided to change countries and moved to the Netherlands. Since then I have lived and worked in The Hague, a small city but one that is well known throughout the world, and many of its inhabitants speak several languages. What makes me feel more at home away from my native Mediterranean is that the North Sea is only a few hundred metres away from where I live and it gives me a lot of pleasure (although the sun does not often grace us with its presence here!). I think that there is no limit to how far a designer can go, the only limit is time and it is a luxury to have it to discover new techniques and technology, in addition to other aspects of life which are unknown to us for lack of time!

During my career as an industrial designer I have touched everything a little, enough to choose what I want to do and in which domain I would like to deepen my passion. I like “Art de la table” very much, but I also like taking up the challenges such as creating public toilets or perfume bottles, to name but a few. Some of my works have travelled the world, in particular © Sésame, a unique coffee set designed for my graduation but subsequently acquired by the Musée national Adrien Dubouché in Limoges for its permanent collection. My work is my passion, I do it with great joy and I do not notice the passage of time.

At the age of three I started my career as a designer. Yes, when I was three I started to draw on the walls of my parents’ bedroom (while they were at work, of course). I wanted to surprise them and it certainly was a big surprise for them! I continued painting in school with success and at the age of fourteen I took part in my first exhibition and won second prize. After that I exhibited twice more, at the age of sixteen and eighteen, on the Makhoul street in the centre of Beirut, making several works, including hand casts that were sufficiently amusing... During that time I finished my last three years of high school for interior designers at the YMCA in Beirut. At 21, I left Lebanon to pursue my studies in the south of France, where part of my family lives. I enjoyed it very much, because the climate is very similar to that of Beirut and I studied at the Fine Arts School of Perpignan for five years, during which my life was a dream-come-true! My time was divided between creation at school, the sun and the sea at the foothills of the Pyrénées-Orientales.

After obtaining a degree in industrial design (with distinction), I moved to Paris to work. I still remember that it was easier to find a job than a studio to live! My career as an industrial designer started in Paris and since then I have not stopped creating and alternating between the pleasure of doing: manual design, computer-aided design (CAD), 3-D modelling and, recently, web design.